The AACE International Professional Practice Guides (PPGs) are references containing the most worthwhile existing contributions to the cost engineering field and the advancement of total cost management. Intended to be comprehensive, well organized, and timely, each PPG title is a collection of selected articles from Cost Engineering journal, AACE International Transactions, and other sources to which AACE has rights, covering a particular technical topic area, or industry segment. The PPGs provide an excellent source of reference material and is a welcome addition to any reference library.

PPG #01: Contracts and Claims, 4th Edition

James G. Zack, Jr., Editor, AACE International, 2008


Contract Administration / Management of Construction Schedules / Schedule Control / Schedule Float Ownership Cost Control / Management of Change / Cost Impacts / Productivity Impacts / Management and Analysis of Delay / Concurrent Delay Issues / Pricing of Delay Mitigation of Claims / Documentation and Claims Management / Claim Recognition and Analysis / Negotiation Process / Alternative Dispute Remedy Process / Litigation and the Cost Engineer / Project Audits.

PPG #02: Decision and Risk Management, 3rd Edition

David C. Brady, P.Eng., Editor AACE International, October 2012


Chapter  1: Supporting Skills and Knowledge   1.1: Elements of Cost   1.2: Elements of Planning and Scheduling   1.3: Elements of Analysis   1.4: Enabling Knowledge

Chapter  2: Risk Management Skills and Knowledge   2.1: Overall Risk Management Terminology/Concepts   2.2: Processes and General Practices for Risk Management   2.3: Specific Risk Management Practices

Chapter 3: Decision Management Skills and Knowledge   3.1: Overall Decision Management Terminology/Concepts   3.2: Processes and General Practices for Decision Management   3.3: Specific Decision Management Practices

 Chapter  4: Other Functional Skills and Knowledge (Influencing Practices)   4.1: Total Cost Management   4.2: Planning   4.3: Schedule Planning and Development   4.4: Estimating and Budgeting   4.5: Resource Planning   4.6: Value Analysis and Engineering/Value Management   4.7: Procurement Planning (Including Contract Management)   4.8: Performance Measurement and Assessment   4.9: Change Management   4.10: Forecasting   4.11: Asset Change Management   4.12: Historical Database Management   4.13: Forensic Performance Assessment

PPG #03: Cost Engineering in Aerospace and Aviation

Sarwar A. Samad, Editor, AACE International, 1998



PPG #04: Planning and Scheduling, 4th Edition

Trevor X. Crawford, CCP, FAACE, Editor AACE International, 2016


584 papers (5064 pages) covering:
-Schedule Development
– Schedule Management/Control

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