23/10/2018 – Introduzione all’attività di Forensic Claim e Delay Analysis

Nella Sezione del website Risorse Tecniche – ISW, pubblichiamo un interessante articolo redatto dal collega Ing. MassimoLuigi Casinelli – CCP

A brief introduction to forensic planning and schedule delay analysis processes: toward a better integration between project controls with claim management.

In the international contracts the schedule delay evaluation is carried out trough specific forensic planning techniques which allow to analyze single or group of events , often in “concurrency”, in order to pursuit EOT (extension of time) and prolongation costs. In the new FIDICs there are more specific clauses ruling the EOT management, delay measurement and relevant claims; a structured approach of claim management it is required which entails a better integration between project controls with claim management; in large and complex projects a specific claim task-force might be required, since the project start-up, specifically dedicated to claim management; in any case is necessary to manage (potential) claims since the tender stage.


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